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  1. In March 1997, in one evening, these twenty-eight (28) Universalist Principles were received in a revelation from Great Spirit.  They are the heart and soul of our Universalist theology.  

  2. 1. There is one Divine Creation Spirit of All That Is, Seen and Unseen, Known and Unknown, Understood and Not Understood.

  3. 2. All that is of and from this Great Spirit is in essence good and perfect, even if we do not always understand the higher purpose of things that appear dark, shadowy, evil, or unjust. There is divine purpose in All That Is, and no lesson is imposed upon us without our free choice, permission and participation, even if we are not always conscious of the choice at this physical level of consciousness.

  4. 3. We humans are gifted with free will by Great Spirit, and by our choices in this world we find joy or suffering, lightness or darkness, peace or turmoil in our lives. Then as we awaken further, we begin to understand our free will choices and the reasons for the lessons, difficult or gentle, we have drawn to ourselves.

  5. 4. Along with all our relations, we humans are Spirit, One with the Divine Creation Spirit, manifesting in this plane through the vehicle of the physical body.

  6. 5. The Divine Creation Spirit is the One and the Many, the Many and the One. The Divine Creatress-Creator is female and male, infinitely large and infinitely small, Spirit and Substance, Light and Dark, beyond understanding and wonderfully simple, Manifest and Unmanifest, Mind and Heart. The Great Spirit is All That Is.

  7. 6. All creations of Great Spirit have their own consciousness of self and purpose. Though it may differ from ours, their consciousness is nonetheless quite real and essential to the workings of the Whole. Thus, Mother Earth, all nature and the heavens above are guides and messengers if we have but eyes to see and ears to hear.

  8. 7. Along with all our relations, we are constantly in Oneness with Great Spirit, knowingly or unknowingly, in lightness or in darkness, in the physical or in the spiritual, as we are all the divine manifestation of Great Spirit, and in All That We Are, we are the Many and the One, the One and the Many.

  9. 8. We are all Sons and Daughters of the Divine Creatress-Creator with all the love and inheritance of such, when we so choose. It is the height of arrogance to believe that a Divine Creation Spirit of All That Is, a Creatress-Creator of unconditional love and unlimited wisdom, would not love all creation, or would come to only one community or people, or favor one group over another, or one sex over another, or one person over another. We are all favored Sons and Daughters, equally and yet uniquely loved by Great Spirit, which is the beauty and mystery of the divine paradox of the Many and the One.

  10. 9. We will come to an understanding and a life whereby we recognize our Oneness with the Divine Creation Spirit, and dedicate our lives to the Divine Love, Will, Purpose, and Creation Work of Great Spirit, according to our unique talents, skills and gifts. This is our Awakening, our Enlightenment, and begins the Conscious Path of Love and Service.

  11. 10. We recognize and affirm the limitless beauty and truth of the Divine Creation Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that reveals itself through the many religions and peoples of faith throughout history and throughout the world. We acknowledge that a Divine Creation Spirit of all nations, of all peoples, of all creatures appears in many forms of Revelation through Divinely-guided Teachers, oral and written scriptures, and individual inspiration among all the peoples of the world. We call these revelations, inspirations, and teachings the loving, universal, divine truths of Great Spirit that shine through time, culture, personality, history, and geography.

  12. 11. We are here to co-create Light, Harmony and Balance in all things of creation by example, teaching, charity, compassion, prayer and meditation, and the guiding principle of unconditional love.

  13. 12. We understand that the "fall of humanity from Grace" was a free will choice for teaching and learning purposes, experienced as individuals, as families, and as a community of peoples in our towns, provinces and states, nations, and world. This choice, manifested through the physical plane, will teach us much of all creation, both the Light and the Dark, and that through this "fall", that is, the acceptance of the shadow teachers of suffering, pain, ignorance, fear, and the illusion of death, we will learn from our experiences and grow in our understanding in order to return to the higher states of Spirit, Joy, and Grace; to the Oneness that we knew in the Beginning and which has always resided within us.

  14. 13. We honor and acknowledge the Great Christed-Buddhic-Yogic-Messianic Teachers and Masters, Messengers of Light and Love for all that have come to us, the Awakening Daughters and Sons of Great Spirit.

  15. 14. We honor the great spiritual teachers and guides not in-the-body that support and assist us in our growth as individuals, families, communities, nations, and world.

  16. 15. Those that serve darkness, whether in body or spirit, are adversaries and shadow teachers, often of great power and influence until we begin to see through them. Yet, even the darkest beings, as creations of Great Spirit, carry the divine spark at their center. As energy and part of Great Spirit's creation, the divine spark cannot be extinguished. Also, we have played all the roles of Light and Dark, good and evil. We have been "them". There is no elitism in this higher awareness. There are no Elect, or we are all Elect. One sign of a less-awakened soul is pride and a "holier than thou" belief. Eventually, and they have all time, all will remember who they truly are. Perhaps, Lucifer, unconditionally Beloved Son of the Creatress-Creator, shall simply be the last Prodigal Son to trudge home.

  17. 16. The Divine Creatress-Creator is the essence of all-encompassing and unconditional love for all of Creation and for all beings. This is our model and ideal for our own participation in the world and in creation. Once Self-remembered and Self-realized, we are likewise the essence of this same love, for we have been told and shown that the greatest commandment is love.

  18. 17. We humans are all Christed-Buddhic-Yogic Beings and Messiahs, and can begin to express this as we are awakened to our true nature. We are all ministers, priests, priestesses, gurus, lamas, medicine men and women, and rabbis of love, faith and truth. We will serve Great Spirit's creation of love in all pathways of life, each according to our talents and interests and calling.

  19. 18. By following the example of unconditional love through complete forgiveness of self and others, we heal our karmic patterns of darkness, suffering, blindness, ignorance, and fear, especially through the courage of Self-exploration and Self-discovery. Life is not about being perfect, although Great Spirit sees us in our perfection at all times. Mother Life is about experience, knowledge, growth and love. By facing our Shadow Teachers and Shadow Selves with love and acceptance, and through genuine remorse for wrongs committed or imbalances created towards self or others, now and in any lifetime, we heal and grow.

  20. 19. All life is to be honored. All life has purpose and meaning for itself and the Divine Creation Spirit. Through the eyes of love and Great Spirit, there is no justifiable harm or injury done to another being, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. When we are in the heart of love and Creation, we no longer bring that disharmony into our lives or the world. We no longer perceive or accept separateness, nor believe that any human is higher than any other being in the eyes of Great Spirit. We know with all of our being that we are in Oneness with all beings and all creations, for we are all in Oneness with the Divine.

  21. 20. Death is an illusion. The release of our physical vehicle is simply a transition from one form of existence to another. It may be chosen as a moment of great joy as we directly reunite with our Creatress-Creator; are finally freed to explore other planes of existence; and to choose our next lessons and steps of spiritual growth. No physical death occurs without the higher self's permission, and there is a higher purpose in even the most tragic deaths.

  22. 21. Suffering is an illusion. With enough clearing of the illusionary material we have accumulated over many lifetimes, and as our Higher Awareness increases, suffering can be released as we remember our Co-Creatress-Creator status, and the gift of creating our own lessons, destiny, and path. When each tragedy becomes a lesson, even a triumph, the pain is lessened and truly transformed. At the same time the pain and suffering experienced at this level of existence is very "real" to us, so genuine compassion for the less fortunate and the oppressed is part of unconditional, non-judgmental love. Whatever the fancy, metaphysical explanations, there is no room for intellectual and philosophical distancing from the profound grief and pain of the Holocaust; of the abuse of children; of the genocidal wars against the Native Peoples around the world; of the effects of famine, poverty and disease; of the oppression of women; of the effects of war; and the other harsh lessons of humanity. Even as the Buddha came to free the world from suffering; and Christ opened his heart to the thief, the prostitute, and the leper; and White Buffalo Calf Woman came to awaken her people to goodness and to Spirit, so we carry a responsibility to follow in their footsteps of compassion and understanding.

  23. 22. Evil is an illusion. In the higher planes what has occurred here, in the physical plane, is seen and understood entirely differently. It is not duality, but Oneness. As part of our work here, all humans will choose to do evil for some time, until the lessons are learned, as roles are played on both sides as: the oppressor and the oppressed, the power hungry and disempowered, and the abuser and the victim. Depending upon the soul's motivation and awareness, each choice of darkness or evil slowly or quickly leads to spiritual growth and the lifetimes where the commitment to the Light and to Love and Harmony become stronger. Remembering all that we have been and accepting responsibility for all that we have done, both in the Light and in the Darkness, leads to redemption of the Self and the return to Oneness.

  24. 23. As unconditional love, Great Spirit is All-forgiving. The God of fear and judgment is a human-made creation, and an earlier step in our evolution of spiritual understanding. It is easier to believe in that God than the far more difficult task of accepting responsibility for our own actions, and the hells we can create in our own lives all by ourselves. Great Spirit is not an interfering parent. Interestingly, the hardest task is forgiving ourselves as we begin to remember and awaken, for we are still under the programming and illusion that we are bad, that the God of fear and judgment finds us unworthy and unsightly.

  25. 24. It creates imbalance and disharmony to over-analyze and over-interpret the Divine Creation Spirit or Great Spirit's works. An equally wonderful name for the Divine Creation Spirit is "Great Mystery", a mystery far beyond our limited vision in the physical plane. Staying only in the limited human mind, without the love and inspiration and reason of Divine Mind and Holy Spirit, has created much suffering throughout history in war and division. Divisiveness, separation, judgmentalism, nationalism, and theological hairsplitting were not the teachings of the divinely guided teachers who came to assist us. Splitting theological hairs over the "correct" beliefs, laws and rituals, that is, in following what was thought to be the letter of the law, we have sorely missed the spirit of the whole thing. There is no justification for war against, hatred for, or separation from any of our Brothers and Sisters, and no divinely guided teacher would justify such.

  26. 25. Hell is a human-made creation. An all-loving, all-forgiving Creatress-Creator would have no need to punish its own beloved creations. We do a fine job of punishing ourselves all by ourselves.

  27. 26. All rituals, ceremonies, and places of worship, which honor life and the Divine Creation Spirit, and bring us into Great Spirit's presence, are worthwhile and respected. Whether simple or ornate, whether in temple, synagogue, church, sweat lodge, cave, or sacred mountain, they will be known by the divine revelation, inspiration, love, healing and peace that they bring. Rituals, ceremonies, and places of worship are simply a means to focus our attention and to gather divine energies into our presence more directly and consciously. They are only meaningful if the celebrant moves beyond the action or place, and allows them to be experiences felt from the level of the heart and soul.

  28. 27. There is room for both science and spirituality, since both are creations of Great Spirit. Science attempts to explain the Mystery, and faith attempts to experience the Mystery. In the end, they will be one.

  29. 28. The whole point is the Gestalt, the Uniqueness, Partness, Wholeness and Oneness of all things, whether viewed from a scientific, moral, artistic, legal, economic, spiritual or philosophical perspective. The parts and the whole are equally necessary for the definition, effectiveness, and integrated beingness of anything, whether: human body, national constitution, power saw, government, Theory of Relativity, sculpture, star, molecule, law, universe, Divine Creatress-Creator. The Universe is not lonely. Rather, it is filled with the parts and the sum of all things infinitely expanding beyond infinite time and space. It is Divine Creation Spirit growing, and we are adventurously part of the continual rebirth and renewal of Creation.

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